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“You learn a lot about someone when you share a meal together.” Anthony Bourdain Anthony, my dear friend and one of the world’s most esteemed chefs, is absolutely right. The one commonality that brings people together is food. Sharing a meal stirs up memories and stories flow over a glass of wine or cold mug…

GarBars: The new Speakeasies

In my adventures I have frequented many fine establishments, taverns, pubs, and bars. But by far, some of the best I have been lucky enough to find aren’t in the heart of a city or on a rooftop—they’re in a garage! There are many different degrees of garage bars (GarBars) and they’re popping up more…

‘Awethenticity’ in cuisine and the Chef we know as Grandmother

The two questions I’ve been consistently asked for years is where I learned my culinary skills and what compelled me to become a chef. Those are the easiest questions to answer and the answer to both is the same. My grandmother. I am always happy to share memories of my grandmother who influenced my love…

The hunt, Best Used By date and expiring traditions

The autumn breeze is warm, but a bit crisp, and hints of the winter to come as the sun shines through leaves of the maple in front of me. It sings the warm thoughts of pumpkins roasting with spice over crackling fires and cast iron pots with  venison bones braising, the beginning of venison stew….

Celebration of the Fall harvest

My Midwest adventure continues with a fall harvest celebration of chili and bonfires. The adults are there for the chili and the kids are there for hay rides, glow sticks, and setting marshmallows and hotdogs on fire. Whatever the reason for celebration, and regardless of where you live, food always brings family and friends together….